Remote Visualization Course

Engineering a Remote Visualization Infrastructure with NICE DCV and EnginFrame


This course is designed to give IT archiects and system administrators an in depth understanding of how to design, plan and deploy remote visualization solutions based on NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV) and EnginFrame. 

Who Should Attend

The training has been developed for IT architects and system administrators of medium to large companies and institutions evaluating or planning to deploy remote 3D visualization solutions.


Attendees should be familiar with:

  • Linux and/or Windows system administration


This course covers the following arguments:


  • What is a Remote Visualization Infrastructure?
  • Benefits of Remote Visualization
  • Architecture of a Remote Visualization Infrastructure


  • What is NICE DCV?
  • Concepts and Architecture
  • Using NICE DCV
  • Installing and Configuring DCV End Station
  • Installing and Configuring DCV Server on Linux
  • Installing and Configuring DCV Server on Windows
  • Installing and Configuring DCV Server on Windows with External Rendering Server
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting

Interactive Session Brokering with NICE EnginFrame 

  • Introduction to NICE EnginFrame
  • Installing NICE EnginFrame
  • Creating a interactive session broker with NICE EnginFrame
  • Troubleshooting