NICE DCV Test Drive now available on the Amazon Cloud

You can now register for our NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV) Test Drive service, based the graphics-accelerated G2 instances offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS)NICE and AWS have collaborated to tune the performance of NICE DCV on the G2 instances, allowing responsive and smooth interaction with highly visual graphical tools, that take advantage of the EC2 hardware acceleration provided by NVIDIA Grid cards.

This service allows you to test the performance of NICE DCV using the high end graphics provided by the Amazon Cloud. The Test Drive lab is currently available for Windows OS and includes some sample 3D applications and demos using the latest DirectX and OpenGL libraries, to immediately experience how very demanding visual applications can perform in the Cloud.

Please note that the lab access is provided at your own risk, and you are responsible for obtaining the appropriate permission or licenses for any software or data you install in the lab. All data and any change will be removed at the end of the test drive period. NICE is not responsible of any inappropriate or unlawful use of this service.