NICE is committed to providing timely resolution to any issues that may come up during the day-to-day usage of our software products and partner solutions.

Support Access Options

NICE support for current customers can contact our support team by:

The key features of NICE support include:

  • Email and telephone support
  • Maintenance & updates for NICE and partner products
  • Request for Change (RFC)
  • License Change Agreements (LCA)
  • Question & Answer
  • Usage assistance
  • Software defects reporting & fixes

Product Support

NICE provides technical assistance related to the installation and use of our software including software provided by our global partner Platform. You can request the assistance when:

  • The software does not perform in accordance with the product documentation
  • You have a question about the software, which is not clearly answered in the product documentation
  • You need to make a change to your license management server
  • You request a new feature, or a change to an existing feature, of the software

Product Updates

Product updates are included in the support package as they become available. Updates include all releases for the software, from small fixes up to and including major new releases with new version numbers.