Technical Portals

Growing complexity in globalized teams

HPC systems and Enterprise Grids deliver unprecedented time-to-market and performance advantages to many research and corporate customers, struggling every day with compute and data intensive processes.

This often generates or transforms massive amounts of jobs and data, that needs to be handled and archived efficiently to deliver timely information to users distributed in multiple locations, with different security concerns.

Poor usability of such complex systems often negatively impacts users' productivity, and ad-hoc data management often increases information entropy and dissipates knowledge and intellectual property.

Our solutions

Solving distributed computing issues for our customers, we understand that a modern, user-friendly Web front-end to HPC and Grids can drastically improve engineering productivity, if properly designed to address the specific challenges of the Technical Computing market.

NICE EnginFrame overcomes many common issues in the areas of usability, data management, security and integration, opening the way to a broader, more effective use of the Technical Computing resources.

The key components of our solutions are:

  • A flexible and modular Java-based kernel, with clear separation between customizations and core services
  • Powerful data management features, reflecting the typical needs of engineering applications
  • Comprehensive security options and a fine grained authorization system
  • Scheduler abstraction layer to adapt to different workload and resource managers
  • Responsive and competent Support services

End users can typically enjoy the following improvements:

  • User-friendly, intuitive access to computing resources, using a standard Web browser
  • Application-centric job submission
  • Organized access to job information and data
  • Increased mobility and reduced client requirements

On the other side, the Technical Computing Portal delivers significant added-value for system administrators and IT:

  • Reduced training needs to enable users to access the resources
  • Centralized configuration and immediate deployment of services
  • Comprehensive authorization to access services and information
  • Reduced support calls and submission errors

Coupled with our Remote Visualization solutions, our customers quickly deploy end-to-end engineering processes on their Intranet, Extranet or Internet.

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