CloudFrame is a solution from NICE for a Self-Service Provisioning Portal, that rapidly enables Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications and infrastructure to be built and delivered through a Public or Private Cloud.

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CloudFrame offers an application framework for Cloud environments, delivering the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) layer of the Cloud offering used by:
  • Service Providers (SP) delivering public and hybrid cloud
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISV) building SaaS applications
  • Companies and Institutions building a private cloud


Solution Highlights

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Secure, authenticated, multi-tenant Cloud

Security is a critical issue to deploying a Cloud solution - your customers are depending on every transaction, every piece of data, and every connection to be secure.

On-Demand, Self-Service IT

One of the main tenants of Cloud is to provide the users with a self-service, empowered working environment. CloudFrame provides you with the self-service environment, out-of-the-box or configurable to meet your unique market.

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Elastic deployment

Scalable and Elastic

Users have access to provisioning and can scale up and down, within constraints.

CloudFrame is integrated to popular Cloud software stacks, such as Amazon EC2, VMware, Adaptive Computing MOAB, IBM, HP, OpenNebula, etc.

Interactive remote desktop & workstation

Seamless integration to remote desktop and 3D protocols for Cloud-based graphical application support, building on 10+ years of focus on Technical Computing.

Remote desktop & 3-D

Measured Service & Billing

Manage accounting and resource usage statistics, generating user and admin level reports, including pricing and billing algorithms for payment or charge back.

Powered by EnginFrame

The CloudFrame solution is powered, at its core, by EnginFrame, the trusted Portal and application framework product from NICE. Powering over 100 production customers including many Fortune 100 companies, institutions and ISV's.




More about CloudFrame

Interested in finding out more ... talk to NICE about CloudFrame, your Cloud requirements, or how to start a proof-of-concept, please contact us.
Download a copy of the CloudFrame brochure (2 page PDF).