NICE projects

NICE works with its customers on larger consulting projects. These custom solutions have unique and special requirements - allowing customers to innovate and leap-frog, in such areas as Cloud Computing.

NICE will support you on an individual basis giving you access to the knowledge of our highly qualified team of experts. Our project proposals allow you to complement your own IT specialists with our experts. That way, you are able to implement even difficult, complex and non-standard IT projects in a well-defined time frame while controlling expenses.

Our approach

The first step we take in our project collaboration is to jointly define the goal of your project. At the same time, the general framework is clarified. For example, this involves your IT environment, your project requirements and possible risks. After that, we define and agree the scope of the project. During the realization of the solution or proof-of-concept, our project team works in close cooperation with employees from your side. This allows us to ensure that your requirements are met in detail, issues can be rapidly resolved, and knowledge transfer can be completed to your team.

This methodology has been successfully proven to deliver projects to many companies and institutions - on time, and to budget.

To request further information (or references) about a project proposal, please complete our form or send an email to