NICE and Schlumberger have developed a longstanding collaboration, aimed at delivering the best user experience in the Reservoir Engineering and Simulation space:

  • The EnginFrame Portal for Schlumberger Simulation Software provides user friendly, certified Web-based access to the Schlumberger ECLIPSE reservoir simulation applications and data
  • The EnginFrame Run Management for Petrel integrates the simulations services inside the Petrel interface, streamlining submission and control of hundreds to thousands of simulations in uncertainty analysis, history matching and other computing intensive studies 

Based on NICE EnginFrame portal and webservices gateway, the solution enables users to seamlessly submit and monitor reservoir simulation jobs, to support both field operations as well as tactical planning reservoir simulation users.

Both black oil simulation and compositional simulation can be run in serial or parallel mode, without requiring the end-users to have any insight about the job scheduler or other elements of the computing infrastructure.

The solution has been developed with end-users in mind and is ideal for customers who need to:

  • Have easy and intuitive understanding of their ECLIPSE job performance;
  • Submit into local and remote HPC / Grid environments;
  • Submit a set of jobs in one shot with integrated job and data monitoring;
  • Provide access to remote and / or external users, with variable trust relationship.
See a case study for Reservoir Simulation History Matching with EnginFrame, ECLIPSE and MEPO.