NVIDIA GRID and NICE DCV provide technologies for Linux and Windows® graphics-accelerated virtual desktops.
With NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV), users can leverage the power of NVIDIA GPUs and the flexibility to access both Linux and Windows® Virtual Desktops optimized for 3D and graphics-intensive applications.

Applications using OpenGL or Microsoft DirectX9, 10 or 11 can be controlled remotely over LAN or WAN, delivering a responsive and interactive workstation-like experience from virtually any device and over any network.

Easy to install and use, NICE DCV offers outstanding performance regardless of which hypervisor is used and supports a broad range of GPU virtualization technologies, including NVIDIA vGPU, NVIDIA GPU pass-through. NICE DCV can be used in the public cloud, leveraging NVIDIA GRID® cards offered on Amazon or run directly on physical hardware, without a virtualization layer.

For more information about NVIDIA Grid and NICE, pease visit: NVIDIA Grid