CPU 24/7, based in Potsdam/Berlin, specialises in providing scalable High Performance Computing (HPC) power ‘on demand’ for industry and universities, for applications in development and research. CPU 24/7 was founded in 2006 by German engineers, most of them having their experience and expertise in the field of aeronautics, airplane engines, computational fluid dynamics and the respective computing power. As such, CPU 24/7 offers on-demand computing power resources in the field of numerical simulations and physical processes and provides custom-made HPC systems and capabilities, in each case with a ready-made and remote workstation environment including the HPC instance, network, traffic, storage, support, software, security, visualisation etc. – either as flexibly and online bookable computing capacities for a limited period of time (Resource Area) or also as continuous state-of-the-art HPC systems geared to one’s individual needs (Tailored Configurations).

For more information about CPU 24-7, visit: CPU 24/7