3DGC, a company based in Shanghai and Taipei, is a pioneer to provide solutions to allow users access their 3D data remotely, while keeping the data on the servers at a central location to maintain its integrity and safety.

3DGC offers a comprehensive suite of Remote 3D Visualization Solutions based on 3D graphics processing products from NVIDIA and NICE. With this cutting-edge solutions, 3D applications users can access their high fidelity 3D graphics data on their own handheld devices remotely, which includes cell phones and laptops. The easy access of the data and the instant feedbacks can increase users’ productivities significantly.

3DGC solutions is a combination of Graphics adapters, Cloud Servers, 3D workstations, Hypervisor, Desktop Cloud Visualization technologies. The solutions provide robust remote working infrastructure for 3D graphics application users and keep the design data always remain on the central servers which helps the company to manage and to allocate the resources for 3D computing and visualization process. Its remote access capability allows users to access their 3D data at their fingertips anywhere, which reduces the traveling cost in a great deal.

3DGC solutions are a great fit for products require 3D technologies, especially in the areas of CAE/CAD/CAM/PLM. By integrating with CG/AR/VR/IoT technologies, 3DGC products could further be tailored to suit the platform revolution in different workplaces.

For more information about 3DGC please visit www.3dgcloud.com.