Life Sciences and Healthcare

NICE markets Life sciences healthcare

NICE solutions are deployed in the Life Sciences sector at companies like BioLab, Partners HealthCare, Pharsight and the M.D.Anderson Cancer Center.

The Life Science and Healthcare sectors have some very strict requirement when choosing its IT solution like EnginFrame, for instance

  • Security - To meet the strict security & privacy requirements of the biomedical and pharmaceutical industry any solution needs to take account of multiple layers of security and authentication.
  • Industry specific software - ranging from the simplest custom tool to the more general purpose free and open middlewares.

EnginFrame's modular architecture allows for different Grid middlewares and software including leading Life Science applications like Schroedinger Glide, EPFL RAxML, BLAST family, Taverna, and R) to be exploited, r Users can compose elementary services into complex applications and “virtual experiments”, run, monitor and build workflows via a standard Web browser. EnginFrame also has highly tuneable resource sharing and fine-grained access control where multiple authentication systems (like Active Directory, Krb5 or LDAP) can be exploited simultaneously.

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NICE EnginFrame is tightly integrated with Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV - an advanced 2D/3D GUI virtualization solution) enabling a user-friendly Solution Software Stack for Medical Imaging.