Financial Services

NICE Market Financial Services

Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, need tight control over financial, hardware, software and human resources required for daily activities while keeping costs to a minimum. No easy task when you consider factors like distributed users, complex computing infrastructures and masses of heterogeneous data from processes like Monte Carlo Simulation, Risk Analysis, Virtualization, SLA Management and Resource Orchestration. 

High Performance Computing (HPC) and the advent of the Cloud Computing Paradigm are important opportunities for organizations to maximize resource usage (be it CPU, software licenses or end-users) and explore new  product offerings while efficiently managing compute resources, collaboration activities and effectivness of end users and applications.

NICE provides a powerful set of tools to create virtual environments allowing users and applications to share common resources. The solutions created drive an IT infrastructure that empowers existing underused compute resources, with no additional hardware or training costs. Based on the premise that each CPU, license and other resource is used at the maximum potential this means immediate changes to profitability and RoI from the existing assets.