Electronic Design Automation

NICE markets Electronic Design Automation

NICE solutions enable Electronic Design Automation (EDA) organizations and engineers to consolidate work methodologies - rendering them simple and intuitive - without worrying about underlying IT infrastructures.

In particular with the addition of the NICE EnginFrame Grid portal, EDA companies can enable and simplify collaborative design in EDA while continuing to use their existing Computing infrastructure.

Through EnginFrame, EDA organizations have a secure web-portal through which innovative data management and HW/SW verification services can be delivered. These services  mean a  collaborative environment and a intuitive engineering design methodology ideal for EDA companies who wish to:

  • Shorten the software design cycle - With easy project tracking, testing / acceptance phases that lead to a much improved customer experience
  • Create secure collaborative environments - Where design teams  are located in locations with tight security measures in place
  • Share information and services  -  EnginFrame can operate as a platform to provide data management services to EDA designers and provide innovative EDA software simulation services to customers.

NICE EnginFrame integrations for EDA applications (Cadence NC-SIM, Synopsys, PrimeTime and Remcom Xfdtd) enable more efficient simulations and verifications in less time while rendering application & license management tasks more intuitive.

Customers using NICE EnginFrame to manage their advanced, heterogeneous computing infrastructures, include Accent, Alcatel, Ericsson, Motorola, SensorDynamics, Siemens and STMicroelectronics.

To see where NICE EnginFrame was in a recent EDA context, download our Accent Customer Case Study

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