NICE EnginFrame 2017.0

Getting Started on AWS

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Name jar
NICE EnginFrame 2017.0

Version 2017.0-r41570
MD5SUM: ac3d00edfafe83319001b3ad94246bbd


Note: This bundle includes out-of-the-box support for IBM® Platform™ LSF®, Altair® PBS Professional® (Linux only), OpenLava, Adaptive Computing® Moab®, Torque, SLURM™, Grid Engine® and NICE Neutro schedulers. Support for more schedulers is available via additional plugins, please contact for more information.

To install NICE EnginFrame 2017.0 run as "root" the following command:

$ JAVA_HOME/bin/java -jar enginframe-xxx-2017.0-rX.jar

Refer to EnginFrame Quick Start Guide for more information.

Additional Software

Interactive Sessions management on Windows requires the NICE Neutro task dispatcher.

NICE Neutro 2015.1 - Master

Version 2015.1-41476
MD5SUM: 28a705ca649fa23b5dfaec725f57fb6a

NICE Neutro 2015.1 - Agent 32 bit

Version 2015.1-41476
MD5SUM: 5d6180b6b696c23f903bff6c05019ff4

NICE Neutro 2015.1 - Agent 64 bit

Version 2015.1-41476
MD5SUM: 3b2849e12053b23716bec790b8ad0e65


Refer to Neutro Quick Start Guide for more information.


EnginFrame Quick Start Guidepdf
EnginFrame Administrator Guidepdf
EnginFrame 2017.0 Release Notestxt
EnginFrame System Requirementspdf
NICE Neutro 2015.1 Quick Start Guidepdf
NICE Neutro 2015.1 Release Notestxt