When your organization is considering a production Grid, HPC or Cloud deployment, NICE has a dedicated, experienced team of experts that can assist throughout the deployment life-cycle, from software planning, implementation and testing stages, to performance tuning, and support in the production stage.

NICE personnel reduce the risks associated with implementing complex HPC technologies by quickly validating whether a Grid, Cloud or HPC solution is technically feasible in your environment and most importantly, accelerating the time needed to implement the eventual solution for your critical applications.

Our staff provide knowledge transfer and on-site training to your organization so that they can operate and manage their new production infrastructure independently with minimum external interference.

Our consulting services incorporate over 12 years of experience and best practices developed implementing production Grids and HPC infrastructures around the world, covering areas like:

  • HPC, Grids and Cloud Computing  - Consulting services, architecture assessment and design
  • Application Grid porting and deployment - Enablement analysis, design and implementation
  • HPC Application integration - For Oil & Gas Exploration, EDA, CAE, Life Sciences, Bio-Informatics, etc.
  • Remote Visualization - NICE DCV, VNC, VirtualGL, HP-RGS
  • Resource management and scheduling expertise - IBM LSF and Symphony, Sun/Univa GridEngine, Microsoft HPC Server 2008, Torque/MOAB, PBS/Pro, gLite, openlava
  • Cloud orchestration - Open Nebula, MOAB

To request further information about our consulting services, please fill out our form or send an email to