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The complex factors involved in CAE range from compute-intensive data analysis to worldwide collaboration between designers, engineers, OEM’s and suppliers. To accommodate these factors, Cloud (both internal and external) and Grid Computing solutions are increasingly seen as a logical step to optimize IT infrastructure usage for CAE. It is no surprise then, that automotive and aerospace manufacturers were the early adopters of internal Cloud and Grid portals.

Manufacturers can now develop more "virtual products” and simulate all types of designs, fluid flows, and crash simulations. Such virtualized products and more streamlined collaboration environments are revolutionizing the manufacturing process.

With NICE EnginFrame in their CAE environment engineers can take the process even further by connecting design and simulation groups in "collaborative environments" to get even greater benefits from "virtual products".
Thanks to EnginFrame, CAE engineers can have a simple intuitive collaborative environment that can care of issues related to:

  • Access & Security - Where an organization must give access to external and internal entities such as designers, engineers and suppliers.
  • Distributed collaboration - Simple and secure connection of design and simulation groups distributed worldwide.
  • Time spent on IT tasks - By eliminating time and resources spent using cryptic job submission commands or acquiring knowledge of underlying compute infrastructures, engineers can spend more time concentrating on their core design tasks.

EnginFrame's web based interface can be used to access the compute resources required for CAE processes. This means access to job submission & monitoring tasks, input & output data associated with industry standard CAECFD applications for Fluid-Dynamics, Structural Analysis, Electro Design and Design Collaboration, (like Abaqus, Ansys, Fluent, MSC Nastran, PAMCrash, LS-Dyna, Radioss) without cryptic job submission commands or knowledge of underlying compute infrastructures.

EnginFrame has a long history of usage in some of the most prestigious manufacturing organizations worldwide including Aerospace companies like AIRBUS, Alenia Space, CIRA, Galileo Avionica, Hamilton Sunstrand, Magellan Aerospace, MTU and Automotive companies like Audi, ARRK, Brawn GP, Bridgestone, Bosch, Delphi, Elasis, Ferrari, FIAT, GDX Automotive, Jaguar-LandRover, Lear, Magneti Marelli, McLaren, P+Z, RedBull, Swagelok, Suzuki, Toyota, TRW.

To find out more about how NICE EnginFrame permits easy access to your compute resources, improves the use of job submission and access to compute resources, contact us at