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EnginFrame - Grid Portal

EnginFrame is the most advanced, commercially supported Grid Portal in the industry, with a proven track record of successful production deployments within corporate networks and research Grids.

EnginFrame enables efficient Inter-/Intranet access to Grid-enabled infrastructures. HPC clusters, data, licenses, batch & interactive applications can be accessed by any client using a standard browser.

The open and evolutionary framework of EnginFrame is based on Java, XML and Web Services, and facilitates deployment of user-friendly, application- and data-oriented portals.

Users and administrators can easily submit and control Grid-enabled applications, as well as monitor workload, data, licenses from within the same user dashboard, hiding the heterogeneity and complexity of the native interfaces.

Enginframe architecture


EnginFrame Highlights

  • Universal and flexible access to your Grid infrastructure

    EnginFrame provides easy access over intranet, extranet or the Internet using standard and secure Internet languages and protocols.

  • Interface to the Grid in your organization

    EnginFrame offers pluggable server-side XML services to enable easy integration of the leading workload schedulers in the market. Plug-In modules for all major Grid solutions including the Adaptive Computing Torque/MOAB, IBM LSF, Sun/Univa GridEngine, Altair PBS/Pro, EDG/gLite Globus-based toolkits, and provides easy interfaces to the existing computing infrastructure.

  • Security and Access Control

    You can give encrypted and controllable access to remote users and improve collaboration with partners while protecting your infrastructure and Intellectual Property (IP). This enables you to speed up design cycles while working with related departments or external partners and eases communication through a secure infrastructure.

  • Distributed Data Management

    The comprehensive remote file management built into EnginFrame avoids unnecessary file transfers, and enables server-side treatment of data, as well as file transfer from/to the user's desktop.

  • Interactive application support

    Through the integration with leading GUI virtualization solutions (including Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV), VNC, VirtualGL and HP-RGS), EnginFrame enables you to address all stages of the design process, both batch and interactive.

  • SOA-enable your applications and resources

    EnginFrame can automatically publish your computing applications via standard WebServices (tested both for Java and  .NET interoperability), enabling immediate integration with other enterprise applications.


Business Benefits

The business rationale for adopting EnginFrame can be summarized in to four categories:

CategoryBusiness Benefits
Web and Cloud Portal
  • Simplify user access; minimize the training requirements for HPC users; broaden the user community
  • Enable access from intranet, internet or extranet
  • "One Stop Shop" - the portal as the starting point for knowledge and resources
  • Enable collaboration and sharing through the portal as a virtual meeting point (employees, partners, and affiliates)
  • Single Sign-on
  • Integrations for many technical computing ISV and open-source applications and infrastructure components
CategoryBusiness Benefits
Business Continuity
  • Move to thin desktops for  graphical workstation applications by moving graphics processing into the datacenter (also can increase utilization and re-use of licenses)
  • Enable multi-site, globally available HPC services
  • Data maintained on network storage - not on laptop/desktop
  • Cloud and ASP – create, or take advantage of, Cloud and ASP (Application Service Provider) services to extend your business, grow new revenue, manage costs.
CategoryBusiness Benefits
  • Ensure secure and auditable access and use of resources (applications, data, infrastructure, licenses)
  • Enables IT to provide better uptime and service-levels to users
  • Allow collaboration with partners while protecting Intellectual Property and resources
  • Restrict access by class of user, service, application, and resource
CategoryBusiness Benefits
Web Services
  • Wrapper legacy applications (command line, local API/SDK) with a web services SOAP/.NET/Java interface to access in your SOA environment
  • Workflow your human and automated business processes and supply chain
  • Integrate with corporate policy for Enterprise Portal or Business Process Management (works with SharePoint®, WebLogic®, WebSphere®, etc).

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