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UberCloud to Host NICE Software Solutions in the UberCloud Marketplace

The partnership brings together two premium computing companies to offer cloud-enabled software NICE DCV and EnginFrame.

Heidelberg, Germany, September 29, 2014 – UberCloud, a cloud computing marketplace allowing engineers, scientists and their service providers to implement end-users applications in the cloud, and NICE Software, a company dedicated to providing Technical Cloud Products and Solutions to customers worldwide, announced today the development of Cloud-enabled NICE software solutions for the UberCloud marketplace. The announcement was shared at the annual ISC Cloud Conference, an event organizing 200 researchers, engineers and consultants to discuss the latest innovations in cloud computing. In this collaboration, both companies will offer cloud-enabled NICE  DCV and EnginFrame, an advanced commercial grid portal used in a variety of industries. The two will offer professional support and integrate with application software vendors, such as ANSYS, in the cloud.

NICE DCV will soon arrive to the UberCloud online marketplace to deliver efficient and optimized remote access for graphic-intensive, off-the-shelf 3D applications running on desktop environments in the cloud. The software integrates seamlessly with major CAD, CAE, Petro-technical, medical and scientific visualization software, and is encrypted based on enterprise level security standards. NICE  DCV allows sharing of a physical GPU in the cloud between multiple sessions, while offering full graphic acceleration and high-end workstation-class performance. The comprehensive NICE EnginFrame Views session management portal integrates with all major HPC schedulers to distribute and manage remote 3D sessions while maintaining the utmost security. NICE  DCV is certified for various ISVs and provides the highest compatibility, quality and performance of Remote 3D Visualization support for dozens of ISV products currently in the cloud. Based on the performance, scalability and reliable features of NICE DCV, graphic processing unit manufacturer NVIDIA has introduced NICE  DCV as a key Virtualization Solution Partner.

For companies that are curious on how to effectively implement and deploy the targeted Remote 3D and HPC to production operations, NICE offers consulting packages to help any customer move seamlessly into using NICE software solutions.
"Working with the UberCloud marketplace opens NICE DCV to a new and exciting market and online sales channel fostering the presence in the cloud market with an amazingly simple shopping experience for our customers with a focus on the HPC-cloud," said Dr. Karsten Gaier of Italian NICE DCV Software at the ISC Cloud Conference. "Together with UberCloud, NICE DCV offers cloud customers easy access to the NICE DCV leading edge HPC-Cloud enabling solutions in the domain of Remote 3D Visualization and easy to use HPC management portals".

NICE  DCV products will be introduced to the UberCloud marketplace later in 2014, together alongside several dozens of cloud-enabled products from other software vendors. According to UberCloud's CEO Burak Yenier, there are currently 15 software providers in UberCloud's development pipeline, with more than 60 service products for the marketplace.
NICE  was one of the first software companies which approached us to get on the UberCloud marketplace,” added Wolfgang Gentzsch, President of the UberCloud. “We are very pleased to jointly offer three different kinds of products on the UberCloud marketplace: reselling NICE DCV as is; bundling DCV for the cloud together with other ISV software like ANSYS; and packaging professional services for those who want it ready to go.

About NICE

NICE  DCV delivers Technical Cloud Products and Solutions, to worldwide customers, boosting productivity, saving money on IT and enabling faster design cycles and collaboration. NICE helps centralizing, optimizing and consolidating HPC and visualization resources while empowering distributed and mobile Engineering workforces to run batch and interactive applications anywhere, with any client. NICE  DCV also allows engineering teams around the world to collaborate by sharing application sessions over standard networks.

For more information, please visit

About UberCloud

The UberCloud started in 2012 with inviting the wider technical computing community of engineers and scientists and their service providers to participate in real-life hands-on experiments to move and run the end-users applications in the cloud. 155 of these experiments have been performed so far and the challenges carefully investigated. Based on this experience, the UberCloud online marketplace platform has been developed. Today, end-users and service providers have one common access point for technical computing in the cloud: the UberCloud information, community, experiment, and online marketplace to discover, try, and buy computing on demand.

For more information, please visit

New partnership with NVIDIA GRID

NICE is proud to announce that it has become a NVIDIA GRID Software Virtualization Solution Partner.

With NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV), users can leverage the power of NVIDIA GRID GPUs and the flexibility to access both Linux and Windows® Virtual Desktops optimized for 3D and graphics-intensive applications.

Applications using OpenGL or Microsoft DirectX9, 10 or 11 can be controlled remotely over LAN or WAN, delivering a responsive and interactive workstation-like experience from virtually any device and over any network.

 GPU Pass Through with NICE DCV

Easy to install and use, NICE DCV offers outstanding performance regardless of which hypervisor is used and supports a broad range of GPU virtualization technologies, including NVIDIA GRID vGPU, NVIDIA GRID GPU pass-through. NICE DCV can be used in the public cloud, leveraging NVIDIA GRID® cards offered on Amazon or run directly on physical hardware, without a virtualization layer.

New partnership with Siemens PLM

Today, NICE is proud to announce that it has become a Siemens PLM Software Partner.

Siemens’ product lifecycle management (PLM) software solutions are used by more than 70,000 companies in over 80 countries, to efficiently and effectively produce some of the world’s most innovative and sophisticated products.

NICE products Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV) and EnginFrame enable Siemens PLM software solutions, including the Teamcenter, NX, and Solid Edge product lines, to be offered from a centralized infrastructure and to be remotely accessed by any device over any network. Offering Siemens PLM software over the Private or Public Cloud enables optimal IT resource allocation and sharing, reducing IT infrastructure and management costs. Running applications near well connected, consolidated data repositories boosts application performance and simplifies PLM data replication, removing all bottlenecks related to distributed workstations. By enabling any device to access the Siemens PLM software, designers and engineers benefit from increased productivity, mobility and collaboration.

Additional information at:


NICE DCV Test Drive now available on Amazon Web Services

NICE is pleased to announce the availability of a new AWS Test Drive for NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV), based the graphics-accelerated G2 instances.

This AWS Test Drive allows potential users to test the performance of NICE DCV using the high performance graphics provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), preconfigured with sample 3D applications and models to run real life tests on the AWS Cloud.

NICE has worked with AWS to tune the performance of NICE DCV on G2 instances on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), allowing responsive and smooth interaction with highly visual graphical tools, that take advantage of Amazon EC2 hardware acceleration provided by NVIDIA Grid cards. The combination of G2 instances on Amzazon EC2 and NICE DCV uses the AWS Cloud to allow customers to run graphic intensive applications including CAD, Engineering, Geophysical, Medical or Scientific applications, enabling customers to move full High Performance Computing (HPC) processes and other highly demanding applications and workflows in the Cloud.

The new Test Drive can be accessed from NICE Web site at and is initially available on Windows AMIs. The Test Drive lab includes some sample 3D applications and demonstation using the latest DirectX and OpenGL libraries, to immediately experience how very demanding visual applications can perform in the Cloud. Testers need to download the accelerated DCV End-station, available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS/X systems. A Linux Test Drive will be added shortly, to demonstrate the G2 performance on this popular platform as well.

NICE at Ter@Tec in Paris, France (July/1-2)

NICE will have a booth at the Ter@Tec 2014 Forum at Ecole Polytechnique, near Paris.

Ter@Tec Logo


If you are attending Ter@Tec, please stop at our booth and speak with the NICE team, learn more about the incoming new versions of NICE EnginFrame and NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV), and enjoy our demos!


NICE is hiring in Houston, TX

Senior System Engineer in Houston, TX (cod. 07052014)

NICE USA is seeking an experienced, hands-on System Engineer to implement leading edge Technical Cloud solutions and assist in the sales process to our demanding Enterprise customers.

The SE works closely with our Professional Services and Support team, and is often working remotely via Webinars or on-site at our customers or partners, teaming with their expert system administrators to implement our solutions from Proof of Concept to Production. He also works with the Sales team in executing the technical aspects of the sales process, as well as working towards increasing the acceptance, adoption, and usage of our products and services within our clients and partners, ensuring timely and effective communication of project status, issues, customer feedbacks, etc.

This position requires excellent technical skills, dedication and commitment to customer success, as well as the ability to deliver technical presentations to managers and architects, both in person and via phone/web conferencing. The role involves the development and maintenance of strong technical relationships with our customers, partners and R&D team in order to establish new opportunities and support existing ones.

Along with pre-sales and professional service delivery responsibilities, the SE may also provide software support to our customers, partners and prospects and could collaborate with the R&D team to improve the products' roadmap and features.

This position will initially focus on the US market with particular emphasis on the Oil&Gas vertical, even if activities might include travels abroad. The candidate should be able to commute to Houston, TX daily and be ready to travel about 25-50% of the time, when requested, including intercontinental travel.


  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Good teamwork, interpersonal and customer relations skills and strong commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Required skills: 3+ years of Linux and Windows system administration, understanding of Enterprise networking and security architectures, shell scripting, XML, XSLT, HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery.
  • Preferred skills: High Performance Computing, Cloud and Virtualization, 2+ years experience in Oil&Gas market.
  • The ideal candidate will possess an entrepreneurial spirit, a creative attitude and curiosity for customer engineering processes.

About NICE

NICE is a software producer and solution provider in the Technical Cloud market, helping out customers to implement innovative solutions for design, engineering, analysis and simulation. We serve hundreds of major enterprises and institutions worldwide in Oil&Gas, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Government, Education, including leading companies like Anadarko, BHP-Billiton, Boeing, ConocoPhillips, ENI, Maersk Oil or Schlumberger. We also have a rich network of value-added partners that distribute our products and complement our offering, delivering state of the art High Performance Computing and Remote 3D Visualization solutions.

Additional Info

Date:May 07 2014
Location:Texas - USA
Job Id:07052014



NICE DCV 2013.0 released during SC'13

NICE is excited to announce the new major release of NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV).

NICE DCV 2013.0 has been extensively tested with the latest NVIDIA Quadro and GRID cards and, thanks to the support for DirectX, OpenGL 3.x and OpenGL 4.x APIs, it greatly increases the number of supported applications.

Additionally included:

  • Integration of NICE 's virtual GPU technology inside Microsoft RDP/RemoteFX sessions
  • New installation procedure that greatly simplifies deployment on Linux environments
  • Automatic load-balancing of configured graphic cards
  • Support for IPv6 connections
  • Improved compression and decompression performance leveraging multicore CPUs
  • DCV console support for lossless compression mode

Customers with current support and maintenance coverage are eligible to a free upgrade.

NICE DCV 2013.0 will be available for download at NICE download center.

NICE at SC13 in Denver, Colorado (Nov/17-22)

NICE will have a booth at the International Conference & Exhibition for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis - SuperComputing 2013 in Denver.

SC13 Logo

If you are attending SC, please stop by booth #3517 (on the same corridor as IBM and Adaptive Computing) and speak with the NICE team, learn more about the new 2013 versions of NICE EnginFrame and NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV), and enjoy our remote, collaborative visualization demos at various locations during the show, as we are also presenting in.

  • NVIDIA - Booth #613
  • Adaptive Computing - Booth #3113
  • EUROTECH - Booth #1105

On Wednesday 20th Andrea Rodolico, NICE USA CTO, will give a speech about "HPC and Visualization Tools: Remote Access to Your Simulation". This is an opportunity to better understand our products and remain current on the Technical Cloud evolution.

SGI presents VizServer system, a solution powered by NICE

SGI VizServer system with NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization™ (DCV) software is a commercially supported hardware and software solution that delivers efficient and optimized remote access to graphic-intensive, off-the-shelf 3D applications running on both Windows® and Linux® desktop environments, including major CAD, CAE, Petro-technical, medical and scientific visualization software.

Key Features

  • Hardware and software solution for optimized remote 3D visualization
  • Full GPU acceleration for off-the-shelf OpenGL® applications
  • GPU sharing across multiple users
  • Collaborative session sharing of remote 3D data


NICE DCV is the first software product on the market to allow sharing of a single physical GPU between multiple Windows and Linux sessions, while maintaining full OpenGL application acceleration and workstation-class performance: this makes SGI VizServer servers with NICE DCV the ideal choice for remote working and collaboration, allowing a better utilization of available hardware resources and enabling an efficient and responsive 3D Cloud experience.

SGI VizServer server with NICE DCV is integrated into NICE EnginFrame™ Views to provide 2D/3D session management via a web browser including the ability to share an interactive session with others for collaborative working. When coupled with EnginFrame HPC functionalities, engineers and researchers benefit from a user-friendly, web-based experience across their complete workflow, including state-of-the-art data and batch job management using their job scheduler of choice.

Please download the "White Paper about SGI VizServer Systems with NICE Software

NICE at ISC 2013 in Leipzig (Jun/16-20)

NICE is excited to partecipate to the International Supercomputing Conference ISC 2013 in Leipzig, Germany. NICE will be co-exhibitor with NVIDIA at booth #220 and with Transtec at booth #401 and will showcase remote collaborative visualization demos.

If you plan to be at the event, our team on the show floor will be happy to meet and update you on the new versions of NICE EnginFrame and NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV).

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