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Please, contact us to get your credentials and/or ask for demo licenses.

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Attention: This is not the latest version of NICE Enginframe. Get the latest version.


Name jar
NICE EnginFrame 2010 for LSF

Version 2010.0.2-r21944
MD5SUM: 8e72f0ab6fac51f39187430b04991d69

NICE EnginFrame 2010 for SGE

Version 2010.0.2-r21944
MD5SUM: b0ff0d56dfef083e4b57756c204b240e

NICE EnginFrame 2010 for Torque

Version 2010.0.2-r21944
MD5SUM: 12b7cc94dfab95caeb9b2526c7470875

NICE EnginFrame 2010 for PBS

Version 2010.0.2-r21944
MD5SUM: c4a92ba157c0c9b764fe7ac0b49dd85a


Note: If the grid middleware you are currently using is not listed here, please contact for unofficial EnginFrame releases. 


To install NICE Enginframe 2010.0 run as "root" the following command:

$ /full/path/to/jdk6/java -jar enginframe-xxx-2010.0-rX.jar 



EnginFrame Quick Start Guidepdf
EnginFrame What's Newpdf
EnginFrame Administrator Guidepdf
EnginFrame Administrator's Referencepdf